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Frontline Hero Wicking Button Headband to Loop Your Medical Face Masks Onto (Mask Not Included Headband Only)

$ 11.99
Our headbands are 100% American Made and made from stretchy, breathable material, allows them to fit virtually every head size and shape. Indoors and in warm weather outdoors, our moisture wicking headbands are great to wick away sweat and in colder weather they are also great to keep ears warm, along with keeping hair back.

3" or 4" width: This is the distance from eyebrow to the top of forehead.

Flatback vs. Tapered: Flatback headbands are sewn with one straight seam, so it lays flat on the back of your head. Tapered headbands have a double fold in the back of the headband goes from a wide front to a 1" fold in the back. Not sure what to order? Tapered headbands are our most popular selection!


*Face mask in Button Headband picture not included*

Add a 25mm button to our original no-slip wicking headbands. Just slide your face mask elastics around the buttons for a comfortable fit and to ease pain from ears from all day wear.