Doodle Religious Mosaic Color Your Own Wicking Headband

$ 11.99

Let your imagination take over with our color your own Doodlebands! Our headbands are 100% American made and perfect to be worn on their own or under other hats, helmets and visors. Using stretchy, breathable material, allows them to fit virtually every head size and shape. Indoors and in warm weather outdoors, our moisture wicking headbands are great to wick away sweat and in colder weather they are also great to keep ears warm, along with keeping hair back. Our headbands are approximately three or four inches in width and can be worn wide or folded to the desired width.

Special Care Instructions: Use only high quality, permanent fabric markers. Machine dry for 10 minutes to set color. Pre-wash in cold water with mild detergent prior to wearing. Dry flat. Do not use bleach or iron. Final color of your band will be determined by the brand of fabric marker used. Bondi Band is not responsible for any discoloration or damage that may be caused by the dye of your selected fabric markers.