Teal Headband with Buttons To Attach Medical Face Masks (Headband only Mask Not Included)

$ 13.99

*Face mask in picture not included*

Requested by medical professionals across the nation in response to COVID-19, our original no-slip wicking headbands have been modified to include a 25mm button on each side. Just slide your face mask elastics around the buttons for a comfortable fit. Headbands will absorb and evaporate sweat, are machine washable and made in the USA.

3" or 4" width: This is the distance from eyebrow to the top of forehead.

Flatback vs. Tapered: Flatback headbands are sewn with one straight seam, so it lays flat on the back of your head. Tapered headbands have a double fold in the back to the headband goes from a wide front to a 1" fold in the back. Not sure what to order? Tapered headbands are our most popular selection!